Sunday, April 6, 2014

Called to serve in.....

  Dear Whanua,
    What a week! We had the General Women's broadcast this weekend which was wonderful. I loved how they focused on Covenants and being a covenant keeping people. It is something I have been thinking about lately. One of the members shared this wonderful thought about how when we keep our covenants the Lord will never penalize us. When we were baptized we covenanted to bear one another's burdens that they might be light and to always remember the Savior in all we do. He had an exam this last weekend and really needed to study but because he is the Ward Mission Leader he needed to also go to splits night. If he went he would only get to study for an hour before he had to sleep to be well rested for the exam. He chose to go to splits and because he did the Lord blessed him for keeping that covenant he made when he was baptized and he past the test. Truly the Lord will never punish us for keeping our covenants but will bless us with significant and sometimes subtle blessings.
     Something our Mission President sad was that we should always remember Christ and the Atonement in all that we do. I love this counsel. If we remember these two things we will always be lead in the way that we should go.
      I have been thinking about how important it is to follow the counsel we are given from the prophets, our leaders, and the spirit. Something I know I am good at is listening to conference and feeling different thoughts and impressions on things I want to improve and then wham, before I know it it's the next general conference. I had the thought that one way we truly show we follow our Savior and obey Him is to follow that counsel we receive. It is so important to do this. I know when we do this the Lord will bless us and we will be more prepared for the things he has in store for us.
   Our mission president asked us to improve upon one thing spiritually, mentally, and physically each week. I love that as we read the scriptures we can be guided on that one thing to help us know what we can improve upon and change to be more perfected in Christ.
   I am being transferred to the Rangiora-Kaiapoi area in ChristChurch. I will miss Dunedin but I know the Lord has new lessons I need to learn there. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned here, and will forever cherish them in my heart.
Love you all!
Sister Sudweeks

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