Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Whanua,
Miracles this weeks:
WE met up with a potential investigator Laura Anderson who will be letting us come and teach her now., At first she only wanted to the sisters to give her service, but now she is wanting to learn more about the gospel and to find a church that is for her. We are excited to go back tonight and teach her. She has even been reading the Book of Mormon to her children as she calls it her bible. We know she has been so prepared by the Lord. We also have been doing service for Helen Bastianca. She is from Holland originally and she is so nice. She really loves the doctrine of our church but has been meeting with Jehovah's witnesses for a long time. We are working on increasing her desire to meet with us. She asked how she can better take care of her grandchildren and we told her to read the Book of Mormon. WE will be going back tomorrow to see if she did read the Book of Mormon and do more service for her. She is so nice and a really funny lady. Another miracle we had this week was when we went door knocking. We had just started back to the side walk from a door when this lady walked past. we were to far away to talk to her so we said hello as she past, a second later she popped her head back around the bush that was in the way and said hello. She said she thought we must be mormons because we are so cheerful. WE talked to her for a bit and she said she might be interested to do a bible study with us. She has lived with mormons in the past and loves our people. WE are excited for her. Great potential to one day become interseted in the Gospel. Her name is Rachel Hooper.
Something that really stuck out to me this week was this quote. The soul is died the color of the leisure hours.

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