Sunday, April 27, 2014

spiritual thoughts

Something I read today that I really liked was how when we keep our covenants we are given power. I know this is true, when we keep our covenants we do receive power. This comes in many forms and it is also a way for us to be able to overcome and stay away from temptations.
   Something else I have been thinking about a lot too is how everything in life our purpose, our lives are all about the plan of salvation. Everything is about this plan. if we didn't have this plan we wouldn't be anywhere. I am so greateful for this plan. I know it is true. I know we can return and live with our heavenly father again. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ shows us the way back to our heavenly father.
   I loved this qoute I read: " There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. THat missuion will last as long as they live and it is to do good, to promote rightouesness, to teach the principlse of truth ad to prevail upon themnseleslves  adn everybody around them to loive those rpincples that they may obtain eternal life" -presdient Brigham Young
   One other thought for the week:
  Wetalked about the desires f our hearts yesterday in sunday school. I loved how the teacher told us that the desires we have in our hearts will ultimetly lead us the way we want to go. We were talking about the stroy of baal (sp?) and how the Lord told him not to go with the people who came to fetch him but he went anyway and the lord told him to only day what he tells him. But even though he was told waht to do he listened to his heart and did his own thing and because he didn't listen to the Lord he was killed. the teacher then pointed out that her in lies the difference when we go with the attitude of thy will be done not mine to our heavenly father then we will go the direction that will lead us to safety and peace. She also mentioned how when we fail to follow a promtping of the Lord we lose an opportuntiy to do good and bless the lives of others. Let us always be like Abraham who will rise early nad do the word of the lord when we reacieve promptings from the sprit. Love you all!
Have a good week!
Sister SUdweeks


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