Sunday, March 30, 2014

The First law of Heaven

Dear Whanau,
    This week we had Zone Conference. It was so inspiring. We talked about the first law of Heaven which is obedience. Everything we do is centred on this important principle. For if we are obedient we will receive the blessings the Lord is already so willing to give us. I was reminded about this video clip we watched at our last Zone Conference about obedience. The girl who was speaking mentioned that the hardest thing we will ever learn in life is obedience but it is the most significant and important one to learn. 
     We had exchanges with the Sister Faana and SIster Sterzeneggar. They are so cute! Sister Faana was from out intake. She is Taheeshian(sp?) SHe is the most happy person I have ever met in my life. She always says don't worry, just be happy! What an inspiration to me!
   We were able to do some service to help this lady the Elders found door knocking. It was so neat we were able to visit with her about our purpose as we pulled weeds and she asked a bit about how we can know we can be with our Families forever when I mentioned we leave our families for 18 months so others can be with their for eternity. 
I love you all! Havea  great week and enjoy conference! Don't forget to go with a question :)
Sister Sudweeks

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