Sunday, March 23, 2014

To the End of the world and back

Dear Whanau,
    This week was a great week :) We had been told there was a cyclone supposed to hit last week, but if it was a cyclone it was mostly sea fog and wind, nothing much. Oakland had some rain and wind but nothing was damaged. The Lord is looking after us missionaries. We had an exchange this last week with Invercargill. It was great! :) We had lots of missionary moments asking for referrals, and talking with everyone. We even went to Bluff and did some street contacting by Stirlings point, if I remember right I was about 15000 or so kms from New York! Crazy! but London was closer :) Unfortunately the tour bus got their just as we had started door knocking down the way, we missed the heaps of people but we had some good conversations with people about the Gospel.
   Something I have been thinking a lot about is Faith. What does it mean to have real true faith. I loved how someone described faith as a trust in the Lord, in his goodness, love and mercy. Something I have also been realizing how interconnected everything is to faith. In order to use the Atonement we have to have faith, otherwise we won't be able to use it. If we don't have faith that Christ died for us, we won't believe that the conditions meet for us to repent will be enough nor the power of the Atonement to enable us to do things beyond our own capacities and abilities. I think a good way to really show our faith is truly what it says in James 1 how faith without works is dead. If we don't do or act according to our faith in Jesus Christ, we won't be able to do the things He knows we can do with His help. Ether 12 is so inspiring to me. I hope I can have the faith described by Ether and Moroni in this chapter  always and if it ever came to it that I would have the faith to be healed as did the 10 lepers and so many others whom appealed to our Savior when He was  on the Earth.
    We had the 50th anniversary of the Chapel this weekend. It was a wonderful experience and we met many people from all over New Zealand. Elder Thompson of the Seventy came and spoke. He was so inspiring and helped my companion and I come up with ways to help inspire the ward members to do more missionary work.
  I hope you are all having a great week! Keep up the great work! Pray, read the scriptures, and serve others. I know this is The Church of Jesus CHrist of Latter Day Saints, truly we are rich havinbg the gospel, may we always be willing to share that with others.
Sister Sudweeks

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