Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference this weekend!!!! Cannot wait! :D

Dear Whanu,
   How are you all? I hope you enjoyed conference! What was it like?! Favorite talks!? I cannot wait to hear it this weekend! It will be really neat as well, because one of the Elders Investigators will be baptized between the two sessions on Saturday. What a day to be Baptized! :) Hearing and Living the word of Christ. I am really excited about conference it is going to be so good!
   We went over to Sister Lee's last week. They are from Korea. They made us Korean pancakes which were so good! :) yum! I really enjoyed eating them, and was reminded of Kirra going to Korea! She also gave us barley water, which wasn't so good.. but luckily you couldn't taste it while you drank it only after you swallowed. It really wasn't that bad, but definitely not my favorite flavor for water.
     We had another exchange this week! It was really fun because one of the Sisters I came out into the mission field with was one of the sisters who came for the exchange. That was pretty great! :)
     The members here went to the temple this week. It was so neat for me to hear their testimonies after they came back. I loved how they saved and looked forward to a week in the temple. It really made me realize how lucky we are to have a temple an hour away. It is so close to us, and yet we sometimes do not go but once or twice a year. I have really appreciated their diligence in going to the temple. It makes me realize that going to the temple is so important, and since we live so close to one we should go as often as we are able.
      This last week we were blessed with two new investigators. Reuben and Victoria! They were our blessing from the Lord. We were door knocking and they opened the door. We had a good converstaion with them and then I  asked if we could go in and share a short message with them. They said yes and we went in. Sister Vila and I had no idea what to share, but the Lord helped us :) Victoria asked about the Book Of Mormon, and we shared about that. She was really impressed that is was a record of the ancient people of the Americas and was excited to read it. We see them tomorrow,a nd I hope they are wiling to hear more of our message!
    this week, I have was humbled to realize that the people we are teaching even though they may not be progressing as fast as Sister Vila and I think they should, we need to remember that we just should focus on helping build thier faith in Jesus Christ, and wait on the Lord's timing for them to progress.
 I love you all and hope you had a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

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