Sunday, October 20, 2013

"How is your missionary Spirit?"

Dear Whanu,
    Hello! I hope everything is going well for you all! This week has been a very tender mercy filled week from the Lord. We had an investigator drop us but we found many wonderful referrals for the Elders and we have a golden new investigator(which will be official on Wednesday) when we have her appointment :) This new investigator is the daughter of a less active we are working with. She is nine and her name is Cairo, and wouldn't you believe it! They live on the world's steepest street! I don't have a picture but Sister Vila and I will go next week for p-day and take a picture of it. I was to scared to drive up it last week, but I think I will try driving up it this week... we will see.... Cairo told her mum that she wanted to be baptised so we are beginning to teach her. Her mum told her to pray about the decision to see if God wants her to do that. I am super impressed with the family. Sister Heparri's children are so very spiritual and ask such great questions. It is going to be a wonderful experience teaching them. 
  This week we had District Conference. I am a part of two branches. We conver the first branch, but we teach all the single woman who are being taught. During this conference one of the Speakers asked this question. "How is your missionary Spirit?" I loved his talk. It really made me think about how my missionary spirit was before I left on my mission. The speaker also reflected on this question and realized that since he had been on a mission he hadn't been seeking many missioanry expereinces. This is something we should all do. I liked what he said. We don't have to be knocking on doors 24/7 to share the gospel. All we have to do is Talk with people, and when opportinuties arise share the gospel, focus on how people are reacting to us sharing the gospel(even if they are not interested, still be their friends), and then seek for those experiences. Missionary service comes in many ways, from service, sharing "the reason for the hope that is in you" and much more. I want to leave the challenge with all of you to do as Elder Ballard asked us in Conference: To Find someone by December with whom we can share the Gospel. Bring that person to chruch, invite them to a baptsim, have them over for dinner with the missionaries there, give them The Family or Jesus The Christ for Christmas, a CD with music on it about Jesus Christ, the ways are limitless. Will you all do this? I promise as you do you will be filled with the love and rekindle all those times when you were on your missions and were sharing the Gospel with others. 
   I love you all. I know this church is The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. God lives; Jesus is The Christ. Thomas S. Monson is the Latter day Prophet, Jospeh Smith truly translated the Book Of Mormon, and The Book Of Mormon is the Word of God. 
  I love you!
Sister Sudweeks

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