Sunday, September 15, 2013

First week in Dunedin!

Dear Whanu,
   Hello! Glad to tell you it is not too cold here! Haha, just a nice chilly wind and rain... but it is great! :D I will take some pictures today and send them to you next week! It is really pretty! My trip getting here was a bit crazy. I was suppoesed to travel on the plane at 9 am in the morning wednesday, but my fllight was delayed in Wellington due to the weather. And then it was delayed again to the next day at 2:20 pm. So I got to hang out with Sister Alcock and Sister Boehmer (both from Canada  and SIster Alcock was the Sister Training Leader). We went to dinner with Sister Saltana (she's from Mexico). It was super cool as I could understand her most of the time when she would start talking in SPanish. We ate wonderful mexican food! Which was so amazing! I loved being able to eat mexican food! I am pretty sure Heavenly Father made the plane delayed so I could talk to this wonderful girl I sat on the plane with on Thursday afternoon. SHe is going to be a DR so we had a good conversation about anatomy and such. :) Then I brought the converstaion around to God and how we couldn't have a the human body work they way it does without a God. I met my companion at the Airport. Her name is Sister Vila and she is from the Philippines. She is so cute! She reminds me a lot of Emma Baker :D
   Tomorrow, President Hamula is coming for a mission tour. We have the meeting at 8am, but we have to be at the chapel at 7am. It is going to be soo good! And I am going to learn so much I can improve upon! Can't wait to be changed!
    While I was in the airport, it was cool I saw a live Kiwi! It was just sitting on the floor and it was so cute. It was even letting little kids pet it. The Lady who owned the bird, reminded me a lot of Aunt Maud and Jessica. She had hair like Jessica, and her mannerisms where just like AUnt Maud. So I thought of you both when I saw  her and Kiwi bird :)
     Something I was thinking about the other day was about Nephi. He is on the ship talking with his brothers and they tie him up. And even thought Nephi's wife and childrend ask them to let Nehi go, and they are in a big storm... they still refuse. It is not until the moment where they are about to die, do they let Nephi go. I was thinking about that and how it took them the moment they were about to perish before they repented and changed. But Nephi, even though he went through all of that, he still praiesd God and was humble. This made me think about myself and which of the two ways I respond to situations in my life do I act. Am I a Nephi or am I a lemuel/ laman and wait until I am about to be destroyed before I change? Which side of myself wins and comes out?
   I love you all! Have a wonderful day!
 Nag Ma Mahal, (I love you in Tagalog :)
Sister Sudweeks

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