Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can I say Pamilya Magpakaiylanman!?!?!? :D

Hello Whanu!
  I love you all so much! this week has been so good! A bit crazy though :) First, we had President Hamula come and it was amazing!!!! :) Sister Hamula came to and I just felt so much love from them. Sister Hamula put her arm around me while I showed her the restroom and I just felt like all of you were there at that moment giving me a big hug :D It was the best! Thank you for your prayers. You don't know how much I can feel them, it is such a neat experience for me and one I am so thankful Heavenly father is allowing me to feel. I learned so much and I cannot wait to put it all into action! :D Something that really touched me was what President Hamula said about the nature of Jesus Christ, He said if you believe that Jesus Christ isn't working among us, then think again. He isn't in some cloud watching us work here on Earth. He is working with us, unseen to our imperfect eyes. Just like it is said in Jacob 5 that is how Christ is with us. He is amongst us, helping and build us up. Something I really enjoyed about the mission tour was the reminder about Faith. How when we have a vision of who we truly are, we can then show that forth. Nothing will cause us to fear because we see ourselves as God does. I also had the blessing to stay two nights with Elder and Sister Webb as Sister Vila was at the Training Conference in Wellington. It was a wonderful experience, and I so enjoyed seeing how they do missionary work and appreciating more the role of Senior couples :)
  A scripture I really liked was in DC 98:1-3. I read it today and it just hit home! Truly the Lord has already listened and will cause our prayers to be answered as it we have asked, but we first must wait on his time, and he will always let things work out for our good. (You have to Read the this scripture! :) 
I love you all! Keep reading the BOM, keep praying, and see yourself as God does. :)
I love you
Sister Sudweeks

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