Sunday, September 8, 2013

And... Transfers! To Antartic!

Dear Whanu,
  Wow! what a week! We had two baptism from the Elders. Tame Hughs (the one who got married last week) and Tane (he was a referral from church head quarters). Such a blessing from the Lord! Things are defintely moving here in Masterton! :) Something that has been really cool for me, is the focus on the Priesthood that is placed here in Masteron. We had a lesson about the Priesthood and the blessings we can recieve from the Priesthood. It was really cool for me to realize also that the World was created through the Priesthood, thus the priesthood is able to create. After the lesson, the priesthood came in and sang Ye Elders Of Isreal. They alsways have the Priesthood come and sing songs for firesides, baptismss, you name it. They really undesrtand the importance of the Priesthood here.
    So! I am being transfered out! Ahhh! :) Way excited! President Kezerian called Sister Saunders and I and told us it wasn't planned but the Lord had a last minute change of plans for Sister Saunders and I. So I will be sering in Dunedin now with Sister Vila the Sister Training Leader. I am really excited. When I found out, Elder Christensen told us via phone, and he told me I am going to the Artic.Haha, but really I am the closet to the south pole! Luckily for me though I will be heading into the summer now, so it shouldn't be so cold! And I will be seeing one of the Elders I came in to NZ with, we will see if he survived the winter months... he hadn't brought a coat!
    Funny story: Satuday the All blacks were playing, and beacuse it was a pretty game to the Kiwi here, they express their support well, and consume much drink during the game I guess, because as I was driving to an appointment, I etentered the traffic line where everyone was having their breath analized for alcohol consumption... this happened twice! Because our second appointment was on the other side of town via the way we had just come. Sister Saunders remakerd how the first time for us both to be checked happened on our missions, its quite ironic. :)
     So a cool thought. When we read the BOM it increases our ability to learn and understand. Elder Christensen was telling us of this person he taught who wasn't very literate and had learning disabilities, but through reading the BOM he became more literate and his learning disabilities decreased and he learned and retained information more. Just like the BOM can change our habits, it can also increase our mental abilities, and this is because it brings the spirits into our lives and the spirit can give us many gifts that sometimes are forgotten.
     When we give lessons their are three things that we focus on Church, Praying, and Reading the Book of Mormon. In the end we use the accronym CPR. I found it intersting to note that we use that same accroyn for emergency situations. This just reminded me about how improtant it is for us to do these three things, truly our spiritual wellbeing is in danger with all those temptations and things the devil is putting before us at this time. Now then ever we are in danger of spiritual regression, so we should put these three things to use every day and every week becuase it will keep us safe from the dangers around us that are so prevalent in society today.
    I love you all, and I will talk to you next week in Dunedin! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep up the Great missionary efforts!
Sister Sudweeks
 Elder Christensen says Hello
  President Hamula is coming to NZ for a mission tour! :) So cool!

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