Monday, October 27, 2014

What will you do with the time that is left?

Dear Whanau and friends,
 Kia ora! Hello from Paraparaumu, my new area. I found out that I am actually living and covering the Paraparaumu area, but I am a part of the Titahi Bay district, turns out Paraparaumu is so much more beautiful. Or maybe i am just biased because that is all I have really seen. But it is so pretty! There are mouantains all around me, and the ocean on the other side, pine trees, cabbage trees, flowers, wild flowers, can't get any better. :) I am serving in a ward, they are great. We have our first ward activity this friday, trunk or treat! :) Hopefully lots of people show up!
   My new companoin is sister Foliaki, She is so sweet and such a sweet heart. I love her so much already! I am learning so much from her all the time! We walk and bike a lot here, it has been so good, and we have met some really cool people as we have been walking around town these past couple of days. WE didn't email yesterday because of a public holiday-- labor day. So emails are today. :)
    We watched a video from our area seventy on Sunday and I loved the question he asked, "What level of spirituality are you currently choosing?"
    We have been given permission to listen to EFY songs now, and one of them has made the title of my email this week. In the song the artists says "what will you do with the time that is left? WIll you live your life so there is no regrets?"
    What are we doing today, that if the Savior was coming the next day would we have regrets? Would we be using our time to help His work? Showing him our love through our desires and actions to give our whole souls, heart, might, and mind to His work?
   I love you all so ,much! I hope yuo have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks
Have a wonderful Halloween!

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