Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dear Whanu,
   Hello! I hope you have all had a great week! This week has gone by so quickly for us here in Dunedin! We had so much service and appointments. It was crazy good! I tried Vegimite for the first time this week. Not to bad, but definitely not my first choice for any meal. Vegimite is this popular spread that is made out of fermented barley... good source of nacin, but not worth eating it.
   We met with one of our members who isnt able to come to church anymore due to health issues. She is so spiritual and such a gem! I really enjoyed hearing her speak about her life and her work. She is currently working on her geneoglogy and putting that into a book. She is such an inspiriation to me! Truly meissionary work isnt just with talking with people, but it is also doing our fmaily history and temple work! She is such a missionary!
   One of our investigators Tara is really in to reading the BOM! She is already in nephi 18! Wow she is amazing!
  One of the speakers yesterady said something I really liked. She started her talk off by telling us how she would say If I was with Jospeh smith I would do this________, or if I was with (name some important figure from the church) I would do this. She then asked the question, But What will I do (for the name of the person afore mentioned) now? What will I do for Christ now? A lot of the time we wait for some grand momentous occasion to occur before we will change, or wait for some important figure to come into our lives, but by then the time is past. It is too late, and our change to improve our do that thing for that person is gone. May we act now, be bold now, and move forward in our devotion and love for the Savior.
   Something else I thought was very profound was a comment made by our senior couple Sister Webb. She made the comment that for years the 1st presidency has asked us to read our scriptures, pray, go to chyrch, attend the temple, etc. The basics if you will. Once we have the basics done, they ask us to continue to improve, by using the basics we use to strengthen our brethern. They then ask us to apply our scripture our praying to pray for missionary opportunities, help others, help to know how to strengthen others. May we do this I pray. The lord's work is hastening, may we do now the basics as the Lord wants us to do and really apply it into our live.
  I know our Savior Lives. He is behind this work, He loves us, and He will bring His work to a close.
Have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

P.S. The Lord's work is a busy work, there will be no stopping day or night! :)

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