Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Miracle

Dear Whanu,
   This week is another week in beautful Dunedin. Transfers will be coming up soon! Only two more weeks, so little time to do everything we need to but I know the Lord will help us do it! We had a miracle this week! We received a referral from one of our members. Her name is Akrita. She is really sincerely looking for truth in her life. We met with her for the first time on Saturday, and she is so prepared to hear the Gospel. My companion asked her to be baptized when she knows this message is true and she said yes. We are so excited for her and I know this gospel will bless her life.  We had an exchange in the Gore Area this last week and this week we will be going to Omaru for District meeting and to Invercargill for the other exchange. It shall be exciting and an adventure! I am excited to help the other areas, but sad because we will only be in our area for a short amount of time this week... but that is okay I know the Lord will consecrate our efforts! Something I learned yesterday. That it is more important for us to know the process of learning than it is of the information we learned. It is through this process of learning that we come to learn more information, but if we are never able to learn that process we will forever be stuck with the same information and unable to obtain more. I really liked this insight because it has helped me realize how important it is for me to make sure my Investigators know the process by which they are able to come and obtain knowledge (such as the truth of the Book Of Mormon, etc) When they know how to obtain knowledge they will then be able to implement that and apply it in their own lives.
   I love this gospel. I know it is true and this Is the Lord's church on the Earth.
Have a great day!
Sister Sudweeks
P.s. I drove up Baldwin Street! Not as bad as it looks :)

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