Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something must be done

Dear Family,
   Hello! I hope this finds you all well! I am doing very well, a little cold, but nothing major. I am sad because I have been taking my vitamins pretty religiously, but I suppose they are making the cold ten times less worse than it could be :)
   We had District meeting last week with President Kezerian. It was so good! He really is so nice. He said something that I found really insipiring, and it was about this meeting he went to titled Something Must Be Done. This meeting was for missionary work in the church, and the title naturally got him nervous... I find this statement so insipiring because as President Kezerain was telling us, we can't sit on our bottoms waiting for something to be done. We must just go and do. We want to have better prayer and we need to take the actions to do so, not just sit and wait for it happen. I want to have more member involvment in the work, then I need to take the actions to do so. Truly if Something must be done, and we need to just go and do it.
   Funny story, we had dinner the other day with a member. We were waiting for her to bring it to our flat, and then we finally found her number and callled. She asked what was up and we tried to ask about dinner without making her feel bad if she had forgotten, and she said "Oh! That is what that was for. I thought I had signed up to answer a questionaire!" Haha. She was really kind though and took us out for dinner and fed us Tai food. She was so nice!
   We had stake conference too this weekend which was awesome! I love it so much! Tame and Tamara came too and it was just awesome! Something I really liked was what Sister kezerian mentioned about her friend who was able to be in one of the church productions. She was told she had such an important part and was asked to stand in a part of the scene and not to move, later she was asked to move. She felt bumbed that she wasn't doing her importnant part, because she was now off stage. But she decided to be happy and visit with the other people standing there. While she was doing this she met this man, who she found out was playing the role of Christ. It wasn't until she left the Lime light so to speak that she fouind christ. I feel this is the same way for us too. Its the moment that we leave our thinking of Me or the Me mindframe, that we can grow closer to Christ.
   Another thing that happend was that President Kezerian and Sister Kezerian sat sdown and talked with Tame, tamara, and us. Tame had a question and it turened into a lesson with President and SIster KEzerian. This reminded me that just like President Kezerian did even though he was super busty, he took time for the one, just as the Savior does. Somthing that was talked about was reading the BOM, getting a blessing, and praying. He mentioned how he and sister Kezerain prayed together morning and night and the strenght that brings. I was thinking about that and in 2 Nephi 32:9, I realiazed why that is improtant, for us to pray. We can pray for ourselves nad others, but its so much more powerful when we pray for eachother with eachother, It's when we do this, that we are truly concencrated by the Lord, because he can then take all that we pray for, and when it's something the Savior would also pray for (for we pray in his name John 15:7) then will our prayers have a more powerful effect to concencrate us and those we pray for.
 I love you all! Keep the faith!
Sister Sudweeks

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