Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dear family,
   So this week the email situation is a little crazy, so if I don't email you back today, that is why, We got less time today. This week has been really good. We met this great girl, her name is Katrina but she goes by KP. She is so sweet and is really excited to have us come and visit her. We can't wait and I am really looking forward to teaching with her. she's golden! :) 
   We had a batism on Saturday, it was this Investifator thatthe elders were teaching. he is really cool! He is looking forward to serving a mission in a while now that he is baptized. He is really cool guy! 
  Next Sunday we are having this fireside for Bro and Sis Walker in our ward. They are serving a mission in the Hamilition Temple. They are so beloved and highly thought of in the community. We are playing (sis Saunders and I) in the fireside and singing and we are really looking forward to it. They invited lots of people to come and this is going to be a really good missionary opportunity that is for sure! 
  I was thinking a lot this week about our life before this earth. And I was pondering the role of agency. Agency is so important. It's so important that we all stood up for and protected our ability to have agency in our pre-earth life. And now we get to use agency here on earth.  its hard to be teaching people and you see them use their agency to reject the gospel, but that agency is something I fought a war in heaven for, and I am reminded of how important agency is to us. May we all use our agency as our Heavenly Father would have us exercise it. 
  Oh! Funny joke! My Companion told me a story about her explaining how Adam got his wife Eve to this little boy. That she was made from Adam's rib. He then went runnning for a bit and came back saying "oh no! My Rib is hurting... I think I am having a wife!" hahaha :)
 I love you all! Have a great week! 
Sister Sudweeks

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