Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miracles :)

Dear Family,
   Thanks for all the emails! I am sorry if I don't get to respond to you all personally, times limited, but send me your addresses then if I don't get to you I will send you a letter :) This week has been really good. We had some cool expereinces with our investigators. Tamara has a set date for marraige! We are so excited! Because here in NZ you get more money for being single than you do for being married, so we have been working a lot with her getting her excoted to get married. It was really neat beczuse we have seen God working in her to help her know she is going to be okay financially. She even came to church this Sunday! Which is awesome because last time we talked she said shes would some wwhen she is ready. She is so mature though. She only 21 but so mature. Tonight we are going to get her to stop smoking! A fun thing for us: Tamara is pregnant and we saw her Saturday adn she was a little upset because she was craving bacon and eggs and she didn't have any and they couldn't buy any, so Sister Saunders and I bought her some and dropped it off telling her we had way too much in our flat. She was so excited :) Then on Sunday we had her say the prayer and she thanked God in the prayer for us bringing her bacon and eggs. It was really sweet and made us smile :) Though the Elders were a funny as they protested after the prayer, why didn't we get any?!!?!? 
  yesterday we had a really powerful lesson with Kuini and Taylor. We taught them the Restoration. We were wondering how we would address her concerns, we know what they are, but we only know because her mum told us, and so we were trying to figure out if we should just address them or wait for her to tell us. But as we know Heavenly Father knows everything! :) I was bearing my testimony and Heavely Father took over and through his spirit I started giving an experience to her and telling her how much God loves her. It was really neat because as I was speaking I could feel God working through me, and it was so cool to see Kuini regconize the truth of what I was speaking in her eyes. Heavenly Father really is mindful of us and all that have a concern about. 
  Antoher cool thing. So in Ether 15, it talks about Corintumer and how he began to regconize his wrong doings and to feel sorrow. But he refused to be comforted. In Moses 7:44 it talks about Enoch who was also sorrow and also didn't want to be comforted but he chose to allow that comfort to be given to him. I found these two verses really powerful because Corintumer dies and Enoch lives. the difference between their two outcomes was that one chose to be comforted and the other didn't. This made me really think what it means to be comforted, and I came to the realization that it can mean to repeant and be forgiven. I would hope that we all would be as Enoch and be comforted or repeant and be forgiven, no matter how big or small something is we have done, its better than the fate Corintumer suffered. 
  My companion said something I really liked. Fill yourself with so much good you don't have time for anything else!  This is so true! I know as I have done this as a missonary I don't have time for sorrowing or anything like that because I am doing good and filled with Joy. 
   If you haven't read the August Engisn yet you should it is so good! :)
   I'm learning some Maori! It's been fun. One of the families we teach knows Maori and so after or before lessons her kids sing us a Haika and teach us a word or too. One day maybe they will teach us the Haika too! :)
  Keep pressing forward and God bless you this week! I love you all and I hope you keep having a wonderful week! 
Kakite(goodbye)! And Ahora(Love),
Sister Sudweeks

I started driving this week!!!!! :) Wasn't too bad at all! Sister Saunders says I am pro :) I still get turned around getting in on the other side of the car though, and its hard ebcause I now have a bulge of car on the left rather than the right but other than that its great! :)

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