Sunday, August 4, 2013

My first Assignment!

Dear Family,
  Kiaora! :) I have been assigned my first area! I am serving in the Masteron area, Upper Hut Zone. :) It's really nice here and everyone is so kind. My companion is Sister Saunders! She is really nice and is from canada.  We are white washing the Masterton area and it has been a very different expereince, but a good one. We are thankful the Elders have us some of their investigators to teach as it has helped make things a bit easier as we try to find our own investigators. We are teaching to Tame and Tamara who are really awesome! They already have a baptismal date and we are just trying to get them to stop smoking. Theya re alomst there andw ea re expetcing to see miracles any day now! :) We have aour bikes now too, and they are super sweet. The Elders rode our bikes home the other day for us, as it was raining and so we drove the car (the elders have been so good to use and have really been great gentleman. They are both fro Utah Elder Christensen and Bearnson). They likened our bikes to corevets. :) Mine is white and has a leaf design on it... very fitting for me I think :)
   Thursday the Releif Society presdient's husband died. He was very loved by ther ward members and we were privlaged to go and see his viewing. It was under the Maori tradition which they have the body in the hosue and sleep there with their belvoed family member for a couple of nights. They also eat lots of food. For a LDS /maori tradition, the viewing is more of a sad/happy socail event. With the Plan of Salvation, everyone is not so sad about the persons's passing. It was really neat for use because we got to really meet the ward memebers there.
    so something neat! For training we went over how to get someone to pray,a dn then later that day went and taught this family how to pray! It was really neat because we saw the Lord's hand in that preparation. He helped me as I was practiing before hand to know how best to help the little kids in the family know more about how to pray. We were so blest and it is so true, the Lord will let you know what to say if you first study it and obtain it from reading!
   The church is true! Help the missionaries in your area by giving them names of people to visit, its so much easier to find people through member invlvment. :) Truly we are missionaries full time to teach, but we are all full time missioanries to find people to teach :)
I lvoe you all!
Sister Sudweeks

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