Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry late Christmas! and an Early Happy new year!

My Dear Whanau and friends,
  How was your Christmas?! I hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed the festivities and especially to celebrate the Birth of our savior Jesus Christ. I had a wonderful Christmas. One of the best on the mission :) We went caroling with the elders to two rest homes here in Pram. We also cooked cookies and delivered them to the members. We had two huge feasts. one at the Bishop's home and one at a potential investigators home. We had an umu with her-- which was so yum! think of dutch oven, but Island style. yes it was that good. 
   We taught young women's on Sunday. We had a pretty good lesson with us and 3 other young women. Our ward wasa pretty small this sunday because most of the members were gone on vacation. We had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators about the Restoration. she is growing in her testimony. It is so wonderful to see the lord's hand touch lives! 
    I can't forget skyping with you Whanau. It was so fun to see you all. I can't believe you have all Frozen things Kyra! That is too cool! :) And what a spiffy suitcase Sarah! :) Wouldn't mind one of those.... ;)
    Something I did for Christmas was write a letter to the Savior about how much He means to me and what I would be willing to do for him. I had such a wonderful experience as I wrote this letter, I would exhort you all to write one to if you haven't already written one. let it be a revelatory experience for yourself.
 "Jesus was the Firstborn among spirits and the Only Begotten Son of God inthe flesh. Although we are not begotten of God in the flesh, we are, just asJesus, the spirit offspring of God. Thus, our birth into mortality is alsosomething of condescension, and like Christ's, it has noble purpose.Just as Jesus, we came down from heaven to do the will of Him that sentus and to achieve, with the grace of Christ, immortality and eternal life.12Might it be important for us, as we seek to "ascend up on high," also todescend below at least some things that we might comprehend more fullyand become more Christlike? If Jesus needed certain experiences, mightwe also require some challenges and trials, "that [our] bowels may befilled with mercy, according to the flesh, that [we] may know according tothe flesh how to succor [one another] according to [our] infirmities"?13

The Condescension of God and of Man 


I read this talk and  and really loved the thought that Elder Christofferson presented. It really made me think about how truly we go through experiences  which are hard and difficult and no fun.  we might wonder why? Perhaps when those moments come remember Heavenly Father might be using your expereinces to help someone in the future who will be going through something similiar, this is also a way for you to prove yourself faithful no metter what the circumstances might be. 
I love you all! Have a wonderful new year! Be happy be safe, choose the right! :) Know even when times are tough how much God your Heavenly Father loves you

Sister Sudweeks


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