Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Choicest pearl of greatest price is worth everything to be obtained

Dear Whanua,
   Well I am a mixture of emotions today. I truly know that the Lord has to make us grow and stretch because we learn the best that way. Even though it is hard. I have gotten too comfortable with Rangiora, so it is time for some change!  I am being transferred to Timaru! My new companion is Sister Olamoleva she is Samoan. She is a wonderful sister I am looking forward to all the things I am going to be learning from her. I know she is going to teach me a lot :D
    Somethings that have happened this week: We have gone door knocking a couple of times this week and we have so many people express interest in hearing our message! I have ever had so many people tell us to come back! We had like 6 or so people on the same street, miracles happen :) On Sunday we had a really good talk in Sacrament meeting. I learned heaps and thuoght I would share some of that with you. She talked about how faith is such a great importance in our lives. Sometimes we have to step off a cliff like Indian Jones in search for the "holy Grails" even though we many not see the bridge that is hidden under our feet. Truly When we cleave unto Hevaenly Father and show our willingness to step forward and act even though we may not have an answer, The Lord will light our way. The thought was presented of the story of Mary and Martha, and how Mary was angry with Martha for not helping her, but the Lord says that blessed is Martha for she has chosen the better part. Are we choosing the better part in our lives? Our we making time for the Lord in our lives each day as Martha did when then Savior was in her home?
   I love the August ensign! I hope you all have the opportunity to read it! :) Something I loved is the counsel to do everything we do each day as if we are going to be in that situation for years to come. Truly that is important! When we do that we set ourselves up for obtaining blessings and enriching relationships we would have otherwise missed out on if we think to ourselves we will only be there for a day or a week.
   A quote was told to me that a testimony is borne in the act of bearing it. I know this to be true, may we always bear our testimonies that we will 1 gain a testimony and then 2 keep our testimony burning brightly.
  I love you all! Have a wonderful week! :)
Sister Sudweeks

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