Sunday, August 17, 2014

Have you Received my image in your countenance? Alma 5

Dear Whanua,
   Kia Ora from Timaru!!!! I was sad to leave Rangiora, but I know this is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. There is some work He has prepared me to do here. I pray that I will do all He would have me do here. I met my new companion Sister Olamaleva on Wednesday. She is super nice and from Samoa. We have a lot of laughs as we do the Lord's work. As someone said to me People from Samoa are super happy-- I am finding this to be true. :) My new branch is very nice. They are all very musical as well. I have already been given the assignment to conduct and choose the hymns each Sunday until someone else is called. My arms are going to get great practice conducting! :)
    Somethings I have been thinking about this week: I read Our Heritage and wow it is such a good book. I hope you all have the opportunity to read this! It really puts it into perspective when we think about and realize the all the sacrifices that occurred so we could have the Restored Gospel upon the Earth. I was particularly impressed with this statement written by a gentlemen not named in the book. He said "the Price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to Pay." How true that is. Are we willing to give up everything the Lord has asked us to be able to be acquainted with him, or do we love our lucre more? Everything we experience in life is there to help prepare us for our future. The Lord knows the things we will be going to do, and He knows what we need to experience to get there. I have a testimony of this and I know this to be true. Truly Obedience is a great principle of Heaven and Earth and we will be able to draw nearer to God by being obedient than in any other way. As President John Taylor said "The Kingdom of God or nothing." Reading about our forefathers and their legacy of Faith. How they were willing to give up everything for the Lord really made me ponder about my own determination to serve him. Will I give up everything to do the Lord's will? How many times must I be asked? When faced with opposition and hardship am I going to complain or am I going to joyfully put my shoulder to the wheel knowing that the eternal blessings of Heaven will come? I hope and pray that we will all remember what our forefathers have done and to act each day in remembrance of their sacrifice.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

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