Sunday, June 29, 2014

My life is like my shoes to be worn out in service-- President Spencer W. Kimball

Dear Whanua,
   Good morning! And hello hello :) It is a beuatiful Sunny day in Rangiora, and I am loving not wearing my coat! :) This definitely won't last long, winter is here, and it should start to get colder by the day :)
    Some news from Rangiora, President and Sister Kezerian have gone home and our new mission president and his Wife President and Sister Hudson have come into the mission. I am excited to have them here and I cannot wait to meet them!
   This week we saw Tarquin Stone again on Sunday. Ahh she is doing so well! She is beginning to recognize the Spirit in her life and how He speaks to her. Now we just have to help regain her testimony, easy as pie with HEavenly Father fully in charge of this. I am so grateful I don't have to teach people, the Lord teaches people and I am mearly the vessel in which he works.
   Question of the day: Have miracles ceased? Nay they have not! I was reading about miracles in the Bible DIctionary and it was cool to see and realize that miracles merely cease to exist when we cease to pray for them and have faith that they will occur.
    My companion and I taught primary and Young Womens yesterday it was really good! :)
   Something I loved from conference I was reading one of the talks and I loved the talk given by Elder HalesScott "I have ginve you an exam[ple"  I loved what he said about  our lives "sometimes we get so wrapped up in things that we find fascinating or become so consumed by mundane responsibilities that we lose sight of God's objcitves. As you concistnently focus your life ion te most basic princples, you will gfain an understanding of what you are to do, and you will produce more fruit for the lord and more happiness for yourself."
   I have realized this is so true, and when we truly remeber the Plan of Salvation and those improtant princples it becomes easy to choose the right and do that which is right.
I love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

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