Sunday, June 22, 2014

Introductions, Family History, and isn't life great :)

Dear Whanua,
    Some thoughts this week: We were talking about the Savior and His life in Relief Society and my companion said something I really loved. The question was brought up or at least the thought, what are all the things the Savior has shown us to do. SIster Farr then said, I suppose the question really should be what hasn't the Savior done that we shouldn't do. He showed us more those things we should do through His example and loving kindness to us His brothers and sisters.
   Sister Farr and I had a really neat experience using family history. I had my mom send me some stories of my ancestors so I could continue filling out the My family Booklet. We went to an lesson with one of our investigators, Angela, and just visited with her for a minute before starting our lesson we were going to do (we were going to read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon). She then proceeded to tell us all about her work and how she is making pedigree charts and how her daughter and her self have been doing family history. I felt we needed to change the Lesson plan right then so we talked about Temples and family history and she mentioned how she had never thought about the dead needing to be baptized too. We are excited to go back next week with one of our members and really help her see the connections of the Restoration and God's plan of happiness for each and everyone of us. Angela pointed something out to us that I hadn't realized, that the Book of Mormon is a giant Pedigree chart but with the stories of our ancestors. Truly it ius a record of our brothers and sisters and if we will learn from their stories we can avoid many of the same pit falls they experienced in life.
    We also had another miracle this week. We were teaching one of our in-actives Tarquin. We have been having really good lessons with her and last lesson we talked about how we needed to be sure to introduce the Holy Ghost when we were feeling His presence so Tarquin could meet him. During our lesson yesterday Tarquin really opened up to us about a concern of hers of coming to know God and as my companion shared something I felt now we need to introduce the Holy Ghost. So when it was my turn I said "I just want to take a minute and introduce a very important person who is here with us today He is a member of the God Head and He is the Holy Ghost." After I said this we all felt The Holy Ghost's presence in the room as He bore testimony of His presence.  I have a testimony of the power of the Holy ghost in the conversion of those we teach. I know if we will let Him the Holy Ghost can help us know and bear testimony of those things we teach our children and loved ones about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
If anyone wants to go President and Sister Kezerian will be giving their home coming talk at
1050 South 800 East Orem Utah July 13th at 1pm.

I love you all so much! I know this is Jesus Christ's church "once again established upon the earth preparatory to the coming of the Messiah." It is better to give our lifetime in service to our God than is anything else, that one day we may be partakers of that Eternal Life He would give us.
I love you
Sister Sudweeks

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