Sunday, May 25, 2014

A new week, another transfer gone and past :)

Dear Whanua,
    Hello! How are you all this week? I hope you are doing well! I have my new companion Sister Farr here and she is great! She is from Lehi Utah. As one of the members said "Oh right next to Nephi and close to Sariah". Haha yep that is where it is on the map! ;) She is so nice and I am enjoying learning from her. She is teaching me so much. She just came out of the MTC and it was fun to hear what her MTC teacher focused on compared to mine when I was in the MTC.
   It was Sister Farr's birthday on Friday and the Elders surprised us coming out behind the bush by our flat 15 past nine and sang Happy birthday and gave us juice, sprite, tim tams, and chips. It was so fun and they gave me a birthday cake for my birthday just past, best Elders in the Mission!
    My companion and I watched   talk given by Elder Pierson of the Area Presidency here and he talked about how we need to deepen our spiritual conversion. My companion then made the comment that a good indicator of our spiritual conversion is the desire we have to share the gospel. I really loved that quote. and it is so true, the Sons of Mosiah and Alma and many of the prophets in the Book of Mormon tell us how much they desired the welfare of those they were around so much so that they prayed for the gospel to be brought to them. I hope to always have this kind of spiritual conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
   I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

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