Sunday, May 18, 2014

Faith, trust, and a little bit of Pixie dust

Dear Whanua,
    Hello! Mololelei, hola, kia ora! It is another week here in Rangiora, and it has gone by so quick! First, I will be staying here and my new companion is Sister Farr. I am excited to meet her and see where she is from. Maybe she is Kiwi and I will learn the Kiwi accent more now :)
  This week we had a special conference where Presdinet Mosnson and Elder Oaks spoke to us. It was wonderful, and I am grateful for the council which has been given. Something that really stuck out to me was how much we should love others. Many people feel alone, sperated, and sad because they don't feel connected to other people. How improtant it is for us to let people feel coneccted and loved by us and the Lord. ANother thing that stood out to me that President Monson shared was that the Savior was always compassionate, loveing, kind, servicable, and merciful. He did all these things and then he asked us to do it too, how many times does the Lord have to ask us to "follow thou me?" I hope and pray that I will forever be quick to hear it once asked and then to respond with all the fervor of my heart to obey.
    Something else I read this week was by President Hinckely. He was sharing how the President of the Church is not his own, he belongs to Christ's church. It made me think that I too am not my own. I belong to Christ because He first has already boughten me with a price. I am because of Him, may I always put the Lord first in my life and not forget that I too am not my own.
    Miracle of the week: We ahd a district service, and we went there and the lady cancled. We didn't have anywhere else to go but there were 8 missionaries all ready to serve, so we said a prayer, SIster Glenn mentioned how the Lord will ope up another door because this one has been closed. We then prayed and began to drive to an area we picked on the map. On the way there we stopped and talked this man building a fence\. He wasn't interseted thoug, so we moved on. The Elders then texted an investigator who said he could use some help. WE wne tnad helped him move, it was great. We found out aftert that just a half and hour before this investtigator had been wondering how he was going to movce all his stuff, he was moving and then he recieved this text from the Elders. Truly the Lord knows are needs and if we wil be faithfull and trust the Lord's timing many ways and things will be opened up for our opporuntiy to serve his children.
I hope you have a great day!
Sister Sudweeks

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