Sunday, July 21, 2013

So... turns out I am writing monday!

Dear family!
 Sorry about the confusion about when I write turns out I write today and I didn't find out till 40 miuntes of our assigned time was over with so I have twenty minutes to write. Sorry about that! I wish it was more but this will have to do.
      Things are great here! I feel humbled each and every day while at the same time being spiritually fed every second. I have so much to learn to be a better effective teacher as a missionary. but I am trying my best to learn everything that our teachers are teraching us. Brother tagaga'e (said tanganga 'eh) really made us realize we have a lot to learn by playing a hard investigator Saturyda. it was really humbling to realize man I don't know as much as I thought I knew, but thats okay. I still have this week to learn more before I go out i the field and experience the hard and good times constantly.
  We are teaching two investigators (our teahers)> Theier names are Jacob and Ese. They are both realy nice, and I am really liking the fact that I have to teach soeone the gospel I hope by the time I finsih here I will be able to help at least one of them feel the desire to be baptized, by the Holy Ghost, really thoguh I am just the portal in which God causes them to feel this way. So we will see. Sister Kennedy and I are ding are best.
     It's cold here! Haha, I thought It wouldbn't be that bad, but its cold. I am keeping warm thought with my nylons and jackets! :) And the food they serve here is always warm! So that helps!
     Lasty night we watched the REstoriation video. It was so cool. It really helped me realize more how hard it was for Jospeh Smith to do what he did. I know life can be so tough and hard, but it gives me great joy to know that we can do all things through our Savr Jesus Christ! He will always help us and strengthen us! I am so grateful for this knowledge and I know this church is true. I am so grateful for the blessing the Gospel gives us in our loves.
 Okay! So I am out of time! I will hopefully be able to write you al next week!
Sister Sudweeks
P.S. Emma its not sending it to Heather V. will you forward it to her for me? THanks!
I will email you Kenna next wekk! I love you tons and miss you lots! SMile for me :)

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