Sunday, January 25, 2015

I am coming home!

Dear Family and Friends,
   Kia ora! And thank you so much for everything you have done for me while I have been on my mission. My heart is just so full of gratitude and joy. This has been the best experience of my life. I will never regret nor forget the time I have been able to serve the Lord with all my hear might mind and strength. 
   This week has been a miracle week: It started with the usual day to activities: talking with everyone, lessons, trying to find people to teach. We had an amazing Zone meeting and received much instruction on how we can improve as a zone. Then The Wellington Sisters came down for exchanges.... Amazing! We did juice finding: so cool! Gave away free juice and asked people in exchange to pick one question we would answer-- needless to say we have found a couple of potentials from this experience. We were blessed to go to two baptisms on Saturday. One was at sunrise 6 am.... An experience I will never forget. The other one was for a baptism for Maree, one of the member's daughters we have been helping teach and helping their family. The Spirit was so strong. So many people were touched by those experiences. One of the members spoke at the baptism and shared something I really liked. She talked about how we are all in our own Book of adventures. We are all the Hero of our stories, this life is our adventure, our tool and weapon to help us get through the hard things in life is the Holy Ghost. I loved the analogy. I thought it was pretty cool!
Joseph Smith said this quote I really love: "We are not just building "A temple" God is building us" Truly we aren't just building our own temples, families, lives, etc.... all in the process of this, God is building us. 
Always remember never to let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved. 
You are all invited to my homecoming talk February 8th at 9am. The address is as follows :)
8200 West Portneuf RoadPOCATELLO, IDAHO 83204-7340UNITED STATES

I know I will be seeing some of you pretty soon, and all those here in New Zealand, don't worry I will be back one day soon :) I love you all so much. I know that life isn't always easy, but it is far more worth every sacrifice and every ounce of energy to serve the Lord. Never forget that. I am so grateful for this opportunity I had to serve our Heavenly Father. I know that this is his work. Truly this is the Church of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will bring us the most happiness and joy in our lives. 
Kia Kaha!
Sister Sudweeks

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