Sunday, January 11, 2015

Glow worms :)

Dear Whanau, 
Kia ora!!!! :) 
What is the news for today... glow worms! We are going to go to the glow worms cave just up the street from out flat today... can't wait! Should be pretty fun!
   This last week was so fun and crazy! First we had exchanges and I got to be with Sister Farr!!!! Too much fun! I love it when I am reunited with previous companions :) We did some cool finding asking people questions of the soul.... and we did finding in our area me and sister Breshears using a beach ball and asking people to answer the question by writing on the Beach ball "What brings you happiness?" Let's just say that everyone thinks we are the bees knees in pram :) okay maybe not... people still cross the street to avoid us but that is okay we still love them :)
   Also this week we had an awesome lesson with our YSA about Faith, went on spilts with a YSA and received a referral. Miracles! :) Also, this week I was able to do service for our primary presdient sewing chair covers with words on it like Prayer, Article of faith, scripture, etc... Unfortunetly when I sewed Article of Faith the "R" fell off so it became aticle of faith, but I quickly fixed that. Mom thank you "sew" much for teaching me to sew! I have been able to use my talent here in pram and they are having me help out this Saturday with sewing pj bottoms as a RS and primary... to much fun!
 Our mission president sent this quote to us yesterday and I really loved it. 
"Remember what Elder Pearson said. Everyone is between remembering and remembering. Our calling is to remind people who they are, and who they've always been"
 Another cool quote I liked Elder Pearson told everyone when he was visiting what he told himself everyday which has helped him with his calling in the 70. "I've got to be who I neet to be... I am who I am and what I do will I will still be doing." These words from an apostle of the Lord have really inspired me. Truly when we remember who we are then it is never a question about if we will read are scriptures or if we will go to church or if we will pray. We will do it because that is who we are now and will always be. There is no changing that, ever.  Elder pearson also told us to remember that when we take any number p,us an infiintie number we get still.... an infinite number. So no matter where we are on the scale of Discipleship if we combine our efforts with God we will always succeed in life. 
   D&C 4 I love what it says that we will Embark IN the service of God. When we focus on the word IN it makes me think about how Discipleship isn't a one time thing, it is something we will be doing for our whole life, and it is worth every minute of it. 
    So someone told me once, Everything will be all right in the end, and if it isn't okay it isn't the end. check out this cool video about embarking in the service of god!

New video about the BOM powerful!!!!!

My companion shared a thought her mom shared I really loved. Her mom said that their bishop had all the talks about singing because no one would sing teh hymns in church. She then talked about how the lessons were about singing but they weren't too. That really the lesson wasn't about singing but it was about becoming like God. Sometimes we are asked to do things we don't understand why, but let us remember that sometimes it isn't really about doing it, it is about doing it because it is the ONLY way we can become like God. 

I love you all tons! Remember who you are and who you stand for!
peace out Girls scouts :)
Sister Sudweeks

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