Sunday, November 16, 2014

Walk with me

Dear Family and Friends,
 Kia ora! How are you all today? I hope so well! It has been a great week this week. We had exchanges with the Wellington Sisters. I went to Wellington with Sister Brown, who was trained by my first trainer Sister Saunders. It was so neat to catch up and talk to her and find out how things are going in Masterton, my first area. Sister Brown is so cute and so sweet. Her dad and brother are the front cover of July's ensign, how cool is that? Exchanges was so good! I learned so much while I was there. I also had the opportunity and privilege to see some cultural dances as we went to the birthday party of a Tongan family's little girl. one and twenty and one year old for the children is so important in the Tongan culture-- which means so much island food! Oh it was so good! I loved every morsel. Taro, loo, hmmmm can't get enough of it!
    I have been thinking a lot about conference and the talks that were in it, I finally received my ensign and I have been soaking it all up. I just can't get enough of it! Something I have been thinking a lot about was the Talk by Cheryl A Esplin and President Monson about making the Sacrament a more meaningful experience and also Walking with the Savior and following His example. I really loved the point that was made that when we follow the Savior we will and want to do what he would want us to do rather than what we want to do. How truly humbling an experience that is if we are willing to do that in our life, but when we do that, we will be more happy than we could ever imagine.
   My mission president sent this to us and I was very touched and it has made me think more what resolution have I made since conference to show my testimony that there is a living prophet on the earth today?
When asked this question, some missionaries have responded with the affirmative:
What will you do differently because of General Conference?"

Because of conference I will:
Be a better brother to my brother.
rely on the prophets when all other direction is unclear!
Walk AS Jesus Walked
ask "Lord, is it I?"
turn knowledge into action.
recognize that the real manifestations of God's love are the commandments and mission rules.
- help those that are in need
- never take for granted the authority of the prophets
make the Sacrament a more spiritual experience.
stay on the boat
- not fear man!
strive to obtain and retain my spiritual confidence,
seek to make the sacrament more meaningful
-memorize the Living Christ
ask "Lord, is it I?"
strive to strengthen my testimony of a Latter-day prophet.
-ask "Lord, is it i"
make prayer more of a spiritual experience each day
watch what I eat and exercise more
ALWAYS make sure I am facing the Saviour and my Heavenly Father!
strive to fix my own problems instead of trying to fix everyone else.
Make the sacrament a spiritual experience
always remind me which way do I face
Strive to do all i can to build my testimony
Rely on Spiritual Witness and not science or historical proof to base my testimony of the Restored Gospel and Book of Mormon.
make the sacrament a more spiritual experience
Be facing the RIGHT way
Repent Daily
think to myself, "is this making me face Heavenly Father or Satan?"
continue with the end in mind
serve the poor and needy!
Shine my light to others
try to have more spiritual confidence!
focus more on the sacrament.
make the Sacrament a more spiritual experience.
expand my own ability to receive personal revelation.
find greater ways fulfill the blessings promised in my Patriarchal blessing.
further seek to receive personal revelation daily
ask each day Lord is it I?
stand up and boldly declare the restored gospel
read a book!
take responsibility and go to work, so there is something for God to help me with.
strive to receive more personal revelation from God
Never forget the way I face
read the teachings and life of Jesus Christ in the Bible
hold on with both hands!
use my agency to improve
prepare more for Sacrament
fortify my testimony and strengthen those around me
continue to work to be the person heavenly father needs me to be
learn more about family history research.
perform an "about face" whenever I face the wrong
be more aware of getting caught in spiritual "rip-tides
assume more personal responsibility in my area and companionship
face the future with peace
raise my standard as a missionary
look for the symbolism at every sacrament.
Focus on where I am Facing
eat a better diet
do more Family history
seek spiritual confirmation with more purpose
make my work about LOVE not STATISTICS
stand more boldly for God and His truth
do everything I can to serve others
follow, live and abide with all the teachings of my Savior everyday
Be proactive in all things and not make excuses
Testify of a modern day Prophet everyday
nourish the seed of Faith in others
be a better missionary
make sure that all of my actions have a positive effect on others
continually serve in the church
include the Savior in every aspect of my daily life
face God, not man
bring families back on the boat
Pray for things that have an eternal consequence

Thanks for sending your answers to us!

Did you make a resolution at conference time? Are you keeping your resolution?
Remember, "What we do is a testimony of what we believe."--President Hudson

How grateful I am for a living prophet who leads and guides us today.

I loved this scripture Sister Brown shared with me: D&C 58:6
 Behold, verily I say unto you, for this cause I have sent you—that you might be obedient, and that your hearts might be prepared to bear testimony of the things which are to come

This is what the Lord is asking of us-- to be obedient and in doing so He will prepare us to bear testimony of the Gospel.

I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your letters/emails of love, encouragement, and gospel insights. I know that This Church is The Church of Jesus Christ. May we always follow His example,
Sister Sudweeks

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