Sunday, July 13, 2014

Be Still and Know that I am God

Dear Whanau,

   Kia Ora! Another Great week here in Rangiora ChristChurch! :) We had a very busy week with lots going on and lots of things happening! First and foremost, I met my mission President and his wife on Friday. They are wonderful! I was asked to play the piano, so I was playing the prelude music as we waited for the Hudson's arrival. It was neat as there was an excited energy throughout the room, every time someone walked in we all looked up to see who it was. It reminded me very much of how all of us will feel as we wait for the Savior to come. We may not know what He looks like, but as soon as we see Him I know we will know who He is and recognize Him without a shadow of a doubt. What an exciting time truly it is that we are awaiting the arrival of our Lord and God. I look forward to that day when we will see Him again, and I know we will all Know Him and Recognize Him as the Lord of Lord and King of Kings. I know He lives and He will come again.
    We had another Great lesson with Tarquin! She is recognizing the spirit in her life! And she knows she feels his presence when we come. This is great progress! My companion and I are looking forward to the continual process of helping her receive all the ordinances the Lord would have her do.
   We read with Rebecca and her boys Mathew Mark and Luke most of this week out of the Book of Mormon! It was such a cool experience to see the change in them as they are really rambunctious and when we would read the Book of Mormon they became really quite and reverent. Truly the Book of Mormon changes people.
     Something that I read out of the Ensign was about Gratitude. WE have been commanded by God to be grateful, and to give thanks. And as we know from D&C that when we obey any law (commandment) we automatically receive the blessings associated with that commandment. I had the thought, that if there was an easy commandment to keep surely that it was that of gratitude, then why not receive those blessings from being as such by showing gratitude and having a spirit of gratitude in our lives?
    The other thing I was thinking about this week is how do we still ourselves and know that Heavenly Father is our God? What do we do that allows this Psalm to emanate deeply in our lives? I know that when we truly our still and feel  God's presences in our lives than we can will see His hands in our lives shaping and allowing those blessings we desire to be brought to pass.
 I love you All! Have a great week!
Sister Sudweeks

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