Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Service....

Dear Whanua,
  Hello! I hope you all had a good week! We have had heaps of rain this week! I think it is about time I got a proper umbrella! We officially lost our car, and my companion and I are full of thanksgiving as our new weight loss regime is underway ;) Haha, one day perhaps my goal will be to bike all the way up high street without getting off! If you are unable to see a picture of high street trust me it is quite a feat. But a long story short we will be biking a lot now, and I am so excited about that!
   We saw Rochelle Wilson again this week. She is doing so well! We popped in and saw her with a member randomly and she invited us in and we talked to her for a minute, when she opened up and told us how she has been reading the pamphlet we left with her and she has been finding answers to her questions. She then asked if we had more pamphlets and if she could have one. We gladly gave her some :)
     On Saturday we went and did some service. We weeded a garden for one of our less actives and went to go and see this really nice Fijian member Sister Sala. I wish you could meet her! She is so nice. Well we got there for service and the first thing she had us do was to sit down and out came the milo, bisquits, chips, and ice cream. We were told there was no service but to just sit and eat.
   That is the happenings and goings of this week. We have a new Elder, Elder Toomalatia. He is from Samoa and is so funny. He bore his testimony yesterday and started off saying I am not from a large family just 8 brothers and 1 sister... I am sure you can imagine the rest of his testimony.
  Have a wonderful week!
much love,
Sister Sudweeks

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