Sunday, January 26, 2014

BeSt WeEk EvEr! :D

Dear Whanau,
  How are you all this week? My week wasso wonderful! Rochelle Wilson and her children came to church on Sunday. My companion and I were so excited! I was playing the hymns for sacrament meeting and the meeting started and they hadn't showed up, so I thought, oh they weren't going to show up, but when I turned around after playing the opening hymn there they were sitting and smiling and waving at me. :D It was the best sight ever! They all loved church and we recieved a text from Rochelle she was going to do a Family Home Evening Tonight! :D We haven't even told her about that yet; she is an amazing woman!
   We did service for her on Saturday and that was so good. Her daughter Anahera taught me how to make a flax flower. I really enjoyed ;eraning that. My companion and I have a bunch of flaz now in our flat, we plan on making some flaz flowers latter today.
    yesterday for church, we had a great lesson on Sacrifice and Job. Something I really liked about sacrifice is that sacrifice is putting things off so we can be closer to Heavenly Father. Something else someone said that I hadn't really thought about is that Heavenly Father Sacrificed His Son and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, sacrificed His life that we all might be saved and return to love with our Heavenly Father, all that we are asked is to sacrifice all we have and the blessings are more than we can imagine. Job is a good example of this. He lost all, although he didn't concsiously choose to sacrifice his great goods, and then in the end of his suffering he recieved double what he had had in the beggining. The Lord surely will bless us if we are willing to do the things He has asked of us.
  I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Sudweeks

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